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Bonny Greene Neighbourhood Video

This video showcases the neighbourhood and lifestyle of a downtown Torontonian. It includes aerial drone views, ground level shots, an agent intro, a voice over and top notch editing. This is a great tool to highlight your farm area or break into new ones!

Lahav & 127 Sweet Anna Court

This video is a 2 camera/2 camera operator shoot. The team follows Lahav around the home from room to room as he highlights features, upgrades and the lot. The feel of this video is more of a “live on air” walkthrough with bloopers and all! 2 cameras and 2 different angles poised on gimbals will create a dreamy and luxurious feel - almost as if you were watching an episode of HGTV. We will capture a professionally composed video of all the key highlights and edit with these in mind. Adding in drone footage and trendy music will bring your video to the next level! This video will showcase your personality, knowledge of the market and expertise giving your audience a behind the scenes look of how much you truly know your field and just how far you will go for your clients.

Matt Vatchner & a $6.3M King City Home

This HGTV style walkthrough luxury home tour was created to look and feel more “polished” with planned out scripts and detail shots. This was a 1 person/1 camera operation that consisted of 2 passes over the property.

Steve Massaroni - Day to Night Transitions

This video showcases the power of day to night transitions. It includes drone footage, ground level shots, and a voice over. This is a great tool to showcase the beauty of your property at any time of day.

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