What are keyframes and how they work

December 19, 2022

Keyframes are like little markers that you can put on a timeline in a video editing software like Final Cut Pro. They help you control how a certain effect or change happens over time in your video.

For example, let's say you want to fade the volume of a song in your video from loud to soft. You can set a keyframe at the beginning of the song, and another keyframe at the end of the song. Then, you can tell the software to fade the volume from loud to soft by dragging the keyframe at the beginning to a higher volume, and the keyframe at the end to a lower volume.

When you play the video, the software will automatically make the volume change smoothly from loud to soft, because it knows what you want it to do based on the keyframes you set.

Keyframes can be used to control all kinds of changes in a video, like making an object move across the screen, changing the color of something, or making a video look like it's being played in slow motion.

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